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In Search of Home Grown Talent.

I started this blog because I want to find really good Irish music that isn't afraid to be original. I want to like the music because it's kick ass and not just because it's Irish. I want to create a platform to share this talent and help others like me to find some cool music to listen to.

I've started searching but I need recommendations too. If you're a music fan and you know of a good Irish band or solo artist, let me know!

If you're the artist, link me up! 

I can't promise a mention but I'll give you a listen!

If you're good, I'll let everyone know!

 - Chuck



Chewie (formally known as Chewing on Tinfoil) are a punk rock band from Dublin. They have been releasing music for over a decade and it...

The Nilz

"Not the 99% or the 1%, we're the fucking Nilz" The Nilz are a 4 piece punk band from Dublin. They won't be for everyone but they don't...

The Love Buzz

As soon as live music returns, I have no doubt that, The Love Buzz from Cork are going to be a band that will tick a lot of boxes. They...


SYMPOS are a no messing, classic style punk band from Waterford who, "came together in 2020 through a mutual love of free chips, beer and...